• Achieve faster design cycles

    • Creo Options Modeler is a dedicated app for creating and validating 3D modular product assemblies, no matter the complexity.

    • Creo Options Modeler seamlessly leverages and shares data between other PTC Creo apps and with other people involved in the design process and beyond.

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  • Design Software. Unlock Potential

    • Achieve faster design cycles by creating and validating product modules in 3D early in the design phase.
    • Automate the creation of any product by defining common architecture.
    • Complete suite of diagramming tools encourages design reuse and automation in product development processes
    • Multi-user capability enables greater efficiency through concurrent design
    • Create quick and rough sketches or finished artwork
    • Capture and share your 2D designs easily with colleagues and directly leverage the data in other PTC Creo apps
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  • Accelerate assembly in 3D

    • The combination of Creo Options Modeler with Creo Parametric enables designers to validate the resulting product by checking properties such as the precise mass and center of gravity

    • Define how product modules interface and assemble with each other to quickly create and validate any customers pecific product.

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